Soft magnetic materials and Soft Magnetic Composites (SMC)

Powder-compacted components of soft magnetic materials are being increasingly used in both AC and DC applications. 

The primary reason is that powder compaction provides opportunities for the manufacture of complex component geometries in a rational and inexpensive manner while at the same time the development of new materials and sophisticated production methods is opening up new application opportunities.

Soft Magnetic Composites – or SMCs as they are usually referred to – are an example of the development taking place in the area of soft magnetic materials. loss.

These materials have been developed with AC applications in particular in mind, as these often benefit from high resistivity to reduce eddy current loss. 

In SMCs the individual powder particles are covered with an insulating layer which ensures that the finished component will consist of countless individually insulated iron particles – i.e. a material which is subject to extremely low eddy current loss - and, in contrast to laminated iron, one which has isotropic magnetic properties.

Typical target areas are stators for electric motors, transformers, ignition system cores and sensors.

Besides SMC materials we at Dansk Sintermetal also have many years of experience with a number of other soft magnetic materials, spanning from pure Fe, to Fe-P and Fe-50% Ni.