Development and cooperation

Take advantage of our experience!

Components are often developed based on traditional metal working principles. 

Therefore, we seek close dialogue with customers in order to make components more suitable for powder compaction while at the same time investigating customer requirements with regard to component properties and functioning.

It is important for us to take up discussions as early as possible in the development stage so we can obtain the full benefits of powder compaction and thus hold down costs.

What can we offer?? 

Contact with Dansk Sintermetal A/S is contact with many years of experience, technological consultancy at a high level and a production set-up with the resources needed for major series production and flexibility for the small specialist production run.

We provide complex metallic components manufactured by the compaction and sintering of metal powder, primarily iron, steel, stainless steel, bronze and certain copper-based alloys.

At Dansk Sintermetal A/S we have the expertise and the technology required to optimise materials and processes so finished products match customer expectations. 

Combined with the focused training of our staff, we apply state-of-the-art technology to providing optimum production processes and a uniformly high quality.