Assembly instructions with flange

Ø tolerances m6
Mount the bearings with a pressand use a mandrel to obtain correct tolerance to achieve:
  • A perfect set-up
  • The correct final tolerances

Free bearing
Ø 1 cylindrical bearing F7
Ø 1 flange bearing F8
Ø 2 cylindrical bearing s7
Ø 2 flange bearing s8

Housing in iron
Ø tolerances H7
The hold between bearing and housing andfinal tolerance of the bore in the bearing is H7 using reamed hole in iron housing.
For all other types of housingplease consult us.

Bearing after compaction in.
Ø tolerances cylindrical bearings H7*
Flange bearings H8
* for cylindrical bearings with int. diameter 60 mm the tolerance is H8

Ø tolerances f7
Steel HB 80-120
Surface characteristics:
Preferably polished

For all other housings (non-sturdy and all other materials) the stress ratios are different, and practical trials will be required to establish the bore tolerances.Consult us.