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Our products consist of powder-pressed components.

Our key concepts are


Since our establishment in 1959 we at Dansk Sintermetal A/S have based our work on the fundamental philosophy that competitiveness is the concentrated essence of four key concepts: quality, flexibility, security and profitability. 

As a subsupplier of powder-pressed components to major industrial companies both at home and abroad this philosophy has assured us of continuing success and progress. Cooperation provides maximum profitability

Close cooperation between subsuppliers and producers plays a decisive role in the intensely competitive market of today.

Through consultation right from the design stage Dansk Sintermetal A/S helps ensure you technologically and financially optimum solutions when developing and marketing new products. 

Through continued development of processes and processing equipment, investment in advanced technology and allocation of resources for personnel training, Dansk Sintermetal A/S is investing in the future. Only in this way can we continue to provide our customers with optimum solutions in the future too.

Our raw material is metal powder. Our products are mechanical components made to customer specifications.

At Dansk Sintermetal A/S we work with a number of different alloy systems ranging from soft magnetic materials through stainless steel and high performance steel to copper-based alloys such as bronze and German silver